What You Should Know About High Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

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Answers To Three Common Questions About Fire Prevention For Dust Collection Systems

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When you work in an industrial environment, fire hazards are part of your daily activities. Unfortunately, if you work in an environment with a dust collection system, your risk factors increase significantly. Combustible dust can be a dangerous component of any operation, so it’s important that you work with a quality fire prevention service to help keep the risk of serious dust combustion at bay. Here are some of the most common questions about fire prevention systems in your dust collection structure. Read More»

Benefit by Setting up a Portable Water Heater at Your Campsite

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If you are staying in a campground and have access to a propane tank and a water supply, consider bringing a portable hot water heater with you to make you feel more at home. This type of water heater is simple to set up and will come in handy throughout your trip. Use the Following Materials propane tank gas hose quick connect fittings garden hose shower hose Connect the Hoses And Fittings Read More»

4 Things You May Be Doing To Shorten The Life Of Your Air Compressor

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When you purchase an air compressor for your tools, you need it to work well. However, you may be so busy working on projects that you may be making some mistakes that cause your compressor to need repairs or fail altogether. Here are four things you might be doing to shorten the life of your air compressor. Ignoring the Manual You might think that you know how to use an air compressor, so you may toss the manual in a drawer and never give it a second thought. Read More»

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Logic Controller Software

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It is customary for logic controllers to be set manually. This way, you can customize exactly what conditions result in which actions along the assembly line at a controller-to-controller level. This is excellent for smaller industries that only have a few logic controllers because it allows its technicians to have a direct sense of control and for them to make perfectly sure that no problems happen along the line. However, this can be highly inefficient in a larger company that has many different logic controllers since it requires a technician to visit each one, a process that can take hours if the assembly line needs to be rerouted. Read More»

Exposing Myths About Windows That New Homeowners Often Believe

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New homeowners have a lot to learn when they first move into their house, and in particular, the windows of the home are an often overlooked area for these individuals when they are educating themselves on the house. As a result, these people may believe some routine myths about their home’s windows that can cause them to decrease the energy efficiency of the home and its appearance.  Myth: Window Glass Only Needs Replacing When It Breaks Read More»

Two Tips To Help You Save On Your Commercial Heating Expenses

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If you own a business, you are probably aware that one of your largest expenditures involves keeping your facility properly heated.  Depending upon the size of your building, you could be spending a great deal of money on heating costs, at the expense of expanding your business.  While you can certainly opt to turn your thermostat down to a lower setting to save money, this may result in an uncomfortable indoor environment that is not inviting for employees or visitors. Read More»

How Cottage Food Businesses Can Meet FDA Guidelines

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The main restriction that cottage food industry members have to be concerned with is the fact that their products cannot end up for resale on the tables of diners, according to the FDA. Guidelines on packaging, liability insurance and licensing normally falls under the jurisdiction of local state and city agencies. When preparing homemade foods in your home kitchen for widespread and commercialized distribution, you are going to want to make sure that you are working within a sterile and well organized area for starters. Read More»

Creative Repurposing Ideas For Industrial Scrap Metal

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Every time a piece of industrial equipment is dismantled, a manufacturing building is eliminated, or even a commercial freight shipping vessel is taken apart, tons of demolition scrap metal is left to reckon with and remove. All of this scrap metal can be recycled at just about any industrial recycling center, but a lot of this so called metal waste still has a lot of life left that could be lived. Read More»