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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Logic Controller Software

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It is customary for logic controllers to be set manually. This way, you can customize exactly what conditions result in which actions along the assembly line at a controller-to-controller level. This is excellent for smaller industries that only have a few logic controllers because it allows its technicians to have a direct sense of control and for them to make perfectly sure that no problems happen along the line.

However, this can be highly inefficient in a larger company that has many different logic controllers since it requires a technician to visit each one, a process that can take hours if the assembly line needs to be rerouted. Here are some reasons why larger companies should consider using logic controller software.

1. Allows All Logic Controllers to be Changed From One Location

The main feature of logic controller software is that it allows all logic controllers to be changed from one place: the computer that is running the software. This prevents technicians from having to run out and locate the precise logic controller, manually update its controls, and then return to their previous work. Because your technicians can change the logic controllers so easily, they will be able to spend their time and energy on other projects that are more important for your company.

2. Has an Exact Map of All of the Controllers

Any controller that is linked to the software will be included in the organizational maps. This is an easy way to see what will happen to further logic controllers if the flow of one is changed without having to test it out manually and risk something going wrong, such as a collision. The map of logic controllers also makes it easy to pinpoint where potential problems could be. If you are having issues with an area that is affected by logic controllers one and two, you will be able to isolate that area and only check those two logic controllers, rather than all of them.

3. Makes it Easy to Shift Commands

Logic controller software allows you to shift commands from one controller to the next. This way, if you need to insert a command for a logic controller earlier down the line and want all of the other commands to shift down to accommodate it, you no longer have to make a list and update each controller one by one. Instead, you can just tell the software to shift everything for you.

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