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Creative Repurposing Ideas For Industrial Scrap Metal

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Every time a piece of industrial equipment is dismantled, a manufacturing building is eliminated, or even a commercial freight shipping vessel is taken apart, tons of demolition scrap metal is left to reckon with and remove. All of this scrap metal can be recycled at just about any industrial recycling center, but a lot of this so called metal waste still has a lot of life left that could be lived.

Here are three creative re-purposing ideas for industrial scrap metal and materials:

Metal Shipping Container Buildings

Those portable storage containers that are often used in both shipping and industrial settings are usually left behind when a company closes its doors. Most of these structures are created with solid steel materials that are in fact fully recyclable. However, the simplistic, rectangular design that boasts the same ceiling height as the average home, can be used for a stationary structure, such as a home, garage, or even in ground shelter.

Because of the fact that these shipping containers are originally designed to be stackable, they can even be used for multilevel building ideas. While you may choose to spend thousands on metal studs and framing for a new building, these containers offer a prefabricated design for a fraction of the price and are just laying in wait to be discovered before they are off to the recycling center.

Industrial Piping and Framework

Anytime a large building is deconstructed, the metal framing that comes down during demolition is found in great abundance. Because steel framing, such as beams and pipework, is almost indestructible, it can be used over and over again for various purposes. This metal can be used for reconstructing new buildings, such as homes and garages, creating ingenious landscape furniture, or even making playground equipment for children.

If you are considering building your own swing set, for example, instead of taking a trip to the local hardware store, check with a local demolition company to see what they have leftover after a job. Steel piping can be fitted together with connectors to create a durable swing set for your kids that will stand against hours of hard playtime activities and never be compromised by the weather.

The demolition scrap produced by the United States alone mounts to a whopping percentage of solid waste, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Finding creative ways to reuse this material may be easier than you think and every piece of demolition scrap metal does deserve a second look.

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