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Benefit by Setting up a Portable Water Heater at Your Campsite

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If you are staying in a campground and have access to a propane tank and a water supply, consider bringing a portable hot water heater with you to make you feel more at home. This type of water heater is simple to set up and will come in handy throughout your trip.

Use the Following Materials

  • propane tank
  • gas hose
  • quick connect fittings
  • garden hose
  • shower hose

Connect the Hoses And Fittings

Your portable water heater will have areas on the back of it that a gas, garden, and shower hose can be connected to. Insert the end of each hose into a quick connect fitting. Insert the fittings into the appropriate connections and tighten them with a pair of pliers or by hand. Turn on the water supply and open the valve on your propane tank. Insert batteries into the heater and turn the power on. Adjust the temperature to the desired setting. The water heater can be set up on a sturdy surface or hung from a stable fixture around your campsite.

Take a Shower On Demand

Take hot showers whenever you want. You won't have to wait for water to heat up to a comfortable temperature or stand in line at a public restroom facility. If you are an active person who spends a lot of time exploring your surroundings while on camping trips, getting dirty is inevitable. Feeling fresh each day of your camping trip will keep you comfortable and satisfied.

Wash Cookware, Utensils, and Camping Gear

Washing cookware and utensils with cold water is not an effective way to eliminate germs. Boiling water to use for cleaning can be time consuming. Instead, wash the items that you need for each meal with a portable water heater. Use a water hose that is connected to your water heater to do this. Keep your campsite clean and sanitary by rinsing off tables and chairs with hot water after you have finished eating.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

If you encounter a greasy film on your vehicles windshield, your vision can be obstructed while you are driving home. You can give your vehicle a thorough cleaning by having a portable water heater available. Bring some cleaning cloths, detergent, and a bucket with you on your camping trip. Adjust the water heater to a warm setting. Warm water will remove soapy residue and leave your vehicle's windshield spotless.

After having a successful camping trip, bring your portable water heater whenever you travel in the future. For more information on water heater options, contact companies like Oehlert Bros Inc