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4 Things You May Be Doing To Shorten The Life Of Your Air Compressor

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When you purchase an air compressor for your tools, you need it to work well. However, you may be so busy working on projects that you may be making some mistakes that cause your compressor to need repairs or fail altogether. Here are four things you might be doing to shorten the life of your air compressor.

Ignoring the Manual

You might think that you know how to use an air compressor, so you may toss the manual in a drawer and never give it a second thought. However, the manual has valuable information about compressor maintenance and finding suitable replacement parts when you need them. You may not want to read the manual cover to cover, but you should be aware of what topics are covered, so if you ever run into a problem, you know where to look for some answers.

Have you already lost the manual that came with your air compressor? You can usually find a manual for your compressor at the manufacturer's website.

Not Looking For Hose Damage

As long as your compressor is working, it is easy to think that all the parts of the compressor are working properly. You may use the machine without looking at the hoses too closely. However, while your hoses may still be intact, it is important to check them regularly for signs of corrosion or cracks, which can cause leaks over time. Leaks in your hoses make the compressor work less efficiently and can cause the motor to fail prematurely. 

Not Replacing the Filter

The filter is an easy thing to overlook. If you use your compressor with a dirty filter, the machine has to work harder to do its job, causing it to consume more power. Not only that, but dirt can get into the compressor and damage various internal components, leading to premature failure. Change your filter every few months, so that it can continue to do its job.

Not Draining Receiver Tank Regularly

When you use your air compressor, it diverts any moisture in the air to a receiver tank. Over time, the tank fills with water. If you don't drain the tank in a timely manner, the water will start to cause the tank to rust. Therefore, after every project, take a moment to check whether the tank needs to be drained. Some air compressors have drain valves, which you can open to make sure that moisture doesn't build up.

Now that you are aware of things you should avoid doing, you can start making better decisions while using your air compressor. Use the suggestions above, and you can prolong the life of your machine. For more information, check out this related site