What You Should Know About High Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

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How Cottage Food Businesses Can Meet FDA Guidelines

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The main restriction that cottage food industry members have to be concerned with is the fact that their products cannot end up for resale on the tables of diners, according to the FDA. Guidelines on packaging, liability insurance and licensing normally falls under the jurisdiction of local state and city agencies. When preparing homemade foods in your home kitchen for widespread and commercialized distribution, you are going to want to make sure that you are working within a sterile and well organized area for starters. Read More»

Creative Repurposing Ideas For Industrial Scrap Metal

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Every time a piece of industrial equipment is dismantled, a manufacturing building is eliminated, or even a commercial freight shipping vessel is taken apart, tons of demolition scrap metal is left to reckon with and remove. All of this scrap metal can be recycled at just about any industrial recycling center, but a lot of this so called metal waste still has a lot of life left that could be lived. Read More»