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Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Step Handrails

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Outdoor step handrails, also known as pedestrian handrails, are architectural elements commonly installed on sidewalks, stairways, raised platforms, and other pedestrian access paths. Handrails are made from sturdy materials, such as aluminum, and are designed to support people when ascending or descending a set of steps. The primary types of handrails include:

Horizontal Handrails

Horizontal handrails guide pedestrians in the right direction by separating walkways from highways for vehicles. They also provide additional support and safety on slippery floors in rainy or snowing weather. 

Stairway Handrails

Stairway handrails provide support in stairways or slopy accessways. The bars prevent people from falling when they lose balance or suffer health issues such as reduced immobility or fatigue.

High-Visibility Handrails

High-visibility handrails feature bright reflective colors like orange or yellow to stand out from their background. They are often used to mark boundaries. 

Benefits of Outdoor Step Handrails

Step handrails have several benefits, including:


If you have a sloped area or stairs on your property, it's advisable to install handrails because rain or spilled liquids may make the surface slippery, creating hazards.  Elderly or disabled individuals and young children also often have mobility issues and require handrails to support their passage through slopy areas or stairs safely. Also, handrails offer financial protection to property owners by preventing injury, therefore exempting them from injury-associated claims. 

Peace of Mind

For people with disabilities or those suffering from health conditions like vertigo, having somewhere to grasp and support themselves is safe and comforting. The handrails reassure them that they won't fall or lose their balance as long as they are near the rail. Therefore, it gives peace of mind to people struggling with balance and gives them the confidence to ascend or descend stairs without seeking help. 

Help With Heavy Objects

In addition to giving stability and safety, handrails also make carrying heavy objects easier. The handrails act as guides to prevent you from falling or stumbling down. Depending on the handrail's design, it can provide an even surface to support the weight of the object you are carrying. 

Awareness of Off-Limit Areas

Although the typical use for handrails is to make it easy to ascend or descend steep areas, you can use them to direct people to appropriate foot traffic areas. That can help protect a garden or lawn from foot traffic and keep people out of unsafe places. 

Bottom Line

If you have a raised outdoor area and are looking for a better and safer way to enjoy your outdoors, consider installing handrails. They protect you and your loved ones from falls, add safety during inclement weather, provide peace of mind, and give you financial protection.

Contact a company that provides outdoor step handrails to learn more.