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Considering A Gate To Allow Access To Your Fenced In Property

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There are many reasons to install a fence around your property, but it is vital to ensure that you can still access the area after the fence is in place. Planning and considering gates that you can use to access the fenced-in area is crucial, and often that means deciding how large the gates need to be.

Walk Through Gates

If your primary reason for installing a gate in your fence is to allow walk-through access to the property, you may want to use one of several available manual gates. The entrance is often a simple section of fence with additional support around it with hinges and a latch. 

Gates that are made this way blend in with the remaining fence making it more difficult for people to see, and if you are using the fence for security, the more complex the gates are to find, the less likely someone is going to use them to enter the yard or other fenced areas. 

Utility Gates

Installing utility gates in the fence larger than the standard walk-through gates can be beneficial if you need to move equipment like a lawnmower, small tractor, or forklift through the fence regularly. These gates are typically not large enough to drive a vehicle through but offer more than enough clearance for smaller items that won't fit through the walk-through gates. 

Like the walk-through gates, you need to consider the best spot for the gates and how you will secure it to ensure the fence's integrity. Since these gates are larger, they are often split in two so that the weight of the gates is better supported and the gate does not sage over time. A split gate also allows you to open half the gate for walk-through access so you could use a single entrance for the fence and avoid dealing with multiple points of entry that need monitoring and securing regularly.

Drive Through Gates

Drive-through gates are typically large enough to allow a vehicle to pass through them easily and are often put in fences that require you to drive in and out of the fenced area frequently. In some cases, drive-through gates will include automatic openers that allow you to enter a code, present a key card, or use a remote to open the gates as you approach them. 

For residential property, gates like these are typically used to ensure the security of the property and keep people from entering unless they are authorized to be there. The gates can be very basic or incredibly ornate, and matching the gates to the fence is still a good option. However, large fancy gate designs often do not allow them to blend into the fence, but they can follow the same style and be very effective at securing your property. A company like Incom Inc has more information.