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The Benefits Of Switching To Polyurethane Rollers

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When it comes to using rollers during a manufacturing or production process, rubber is a popular material because it is affordable while also being relatively durable. But today, some businesses looking to build new products or looking for ways to save money over the long term are seeking out polyurethane rollers instead. Here's why your own company may want to seek out a urethane roller manufacturer near you today.

Polyurethane Rollers Will Get the Job Done When Dealing With Materials That Rubber Can Struggle With

Rubber is a material that can be used when working with a wide variety of different materials but there are exceptions. If you are sending your rollers across certain substances like glass or sand, rubber might not be able to get enough grip or otherwise push across the surface in the correct manner in order to get the job done. A polyurethane roller can adapt more easily to a wider variety of materials, while still providing consistent performance for each pass. If your company intends to start building new products that might use more fragile or different materials like glass, you might want to swap out some of your current rubber rollers for ones crafted with urethane.

Polyurethane is Simply a More Durable Material Than Basic Rubber and Your Rollers Will Last Longer Over Time

Rubber is a pretty durable material, but it will break down over time. Polyurethane will of course also begin to show wear and tear as the years go on, but in general, you can expect polyurethane rollers to last longer than rollers crafted with only basic rubber. This means you will have to replace the rollers less often and the investment you make today in new polyurethane rollers will pay off over time in fewer future expenses due to replacement or repair.

Polyurethane May Offer More Options for a Custom Roller Build, Allowing You to Streamline Production or Operate More Efficiently

With polyurethane, it may be easier to make adjustments to your rollers, such as adding different types of grooves or a wider variety of shapes and sizes. This can help with certain materials as was previously described, but it can also help if you just have a custom build you want to put together and you need a roller to be crafted in a unique shape or size to get the job done.

Start switching out your rubber rollers today by contacting a urethane roller manufacturer and you can start your next production or manufacturing run with a set of rollers that give you more options and will be more durable over time.