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What You Need To Know About Water Wells If You Are Buying A New Property

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If a new home or property you are considering purchasing gets its water supply from a well, there are a few things that you may need to do. These are proactive measures that can protect you and possibly save you money or prevent buyer's remorse. The following are well water services that can help you be confident in your new purchase.


This is an option that you can expect to have performed on a property that you have building plans for or one that does not already have a well. For example, you may have a personal preference to rely on well water instead of city water. It is also possible that drilling services may be needed for properties that have inoperable wells. For example, the water source for the well may have dried up resulting in a need for additional digging or relocating the well to a different area of the property. 


You are likely going to have the property inspected if it has a building or dwelling space on it. However, that inspection may not be a comprehensive one, and it may not detail the specifics of the well on the property. A professional well drilling company can give you specific information about the well and its functioning. Examples of things that you can expect to be included in a well inspection are condition of the well casing, age of the well, water quality, and whether or not there are nearby pollution sources as well as their distance from the well. This is information that can protect your health and ensure you are informed about potentially expensive well repairs you might face in the near future. 


Your lender or statutory laws might require you to get the well on the property certified. This will require you to get an inspection, and get it legally documented by a professional. The quality of the water and the condition of the well are key points that agencies may need clarification about. 


This is a process that is often used to inhibit excess bacteria growth. Chlorine is added to the water, and it can reduce or eliminate bacteria in the water. For example, sulfur is produced by bacteria and commonly found in well water sources. Chlorine can be added to prevent the rotten egg smell caused by the sulfur and improve the quality of the water. 

A water well drilling company, such as Rippe Well Service INC, is the best resource to use for well-related matters. If there are problems with an existing well, they can determine whether the property needs a new well installed or whether amendments can be made to the existing well to make it operational and safe.