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3 Things You Can Do To Get More For Your Junk Car When It Is Time To Recycle It

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If you have an old project car that has ended up collecting dust and aging in a garage or your yard, it may be time to give it new life by recycling it. With the prices of metals going up, your car can be worth cash for the metal that it contains. Most of it is probably steel, but there are other metals that can be found in junk cars, such as aluminum and alloys. These non-ferrous metals can give you more than the price of steel if you remove them. Here are some things that you can do to get the most from your recycling:

1. Remove Valuable Parts To Sell Separately

When you have an old junk car, there may be many parts that are valuable. Depending on the make, the parts may be worth more if you sell them separately. Before you recycle your car, you may want to remove any parts that are in good condition that you can sell separately. Some parts like alternators can be returned to an auto parts service to get the core deposit on them.

2. Look For All Non-Ferrous Metals To Recycle Separately

With many modern cars, there are a lot of non-ferrous metals that you may want to remove first. This can be the aluminum parts on the engine or transmission, or the catalytic converter, which has platinum. If you are trying to get more from recycling your car, remove these parts to get the most for the raw metal. If they are still attached to the car, you can count on getting the price of steel for the car with them attached.

3. Keep Alloys From Parts Like Wheels For More Cash

There are also many parts on cars that can contain valuable alloys that you may want to recycle separately. This is often the case with rims on cars that are made of alloys, which you can recycle or you may want to keep if they are rare hard-to-find rims, such as Indy Racing Mags. Other parts that may be alloys can include aftermarket parts that have been added to your car.

These are some things that you may want to do to get the most from your recycling of a junk car. If you are ready to get the old car hauled off, contact a company that offers recycling programs and talk with them about selling your car for the scrap metal.