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Three Considerations For Choosing Restaurant Table Linens

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As a restaurant owner, you have plenty to worry about -- permits and licensing, the needs of your staff, and the happiness level of your customers. But there's another important factor to consider as well -- the appearance of your dining room. If you're trying to convey a certain mood, whether it's down-home cozy, upscale, or even kid-friendly, your table linens play a huge role. There's more thought required in picking out the perfect linens than you probably realize. If you want your tables to speak directly to your customers, you have several factors to consider:

Color and Design

Is your establishment more given to colorful gingham prints like those that once decorated Grandma's kitchen table? Or, do you need a stately, solid color such as navy blue or starched white to add to your restaurant's formal atmosphere? Your table linens are among the first elements of decor that guests notice, and they need to speak directly to your theme. 


Restaurant table linens come in a variety of fabrics and other materials.

  • Vinyl: If you're looking for covers that are kid-friendly and easily replaced, heavy vinyl is a solid choice. Vinyl covers wipe clean easily without the need of daily laundering. And they're affordable to replace when they begin looking worn. If your establishment caters to families or kids, vinyl table linens are a smart choice. 
  • Polyester: For comfortable dining with a touch of formality, cloth table linens made from polyester or a cotton-poly blend are low maintenance, yet classy. These fabrics are resistant to wrinkles and spills, and require less laundering than 100-percent cotton covers. 
  • Cotton: If it's a fine dining atmosphere you're after, pure cotton table linens will go far in helping you create it. They do come with drawbacks, however. Cotton is susceptible to wrinkles, and it absorbs spills instead of repelling them. For an upscale look, however, nothing beats pure cotton table linens.


The drop of your table linen refers to the amount of material that falls over the edge of the table on all sides. A longer drop makes for a more formal appearance. However, you don't want the table linen falling across the laps of your guests. Floor-length drops are for buffet and banquet tables, and drops that reach mid-way to your guests' laps when they're seated are good rules of thumb to follow

You can't be too choosy or to focused when selecting the table linens for your new restaurant because they go a long way toward making a favorable first impression. Make sure yours speak volumes. Contact Central Uniform & Linen Supply Company for more information.