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Making Concrete Safer

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Concrete has many advantages as a building material. The popularity of concrete is not in doubt since nearly ten billion tons are produced each year, creating a 37 billion dollar industry. Concrete is also extremely durable and can last thousands of years, with the earliest known use estimated at around 500 BC. Concrete is an affordable, strong, and plentiful substance that almost every home uses in some degree. Because the substance is so hard, however, it can be dangerous if precautions are not taken. You can make the concrete surfaces in your home safer for your family by taking a few practical steps. 

Non-Skid Surfaces

Wet concrete can be quite slippery, especially when it has been sealed or color-hardened, a process that adds an attractive hue to the substance. Falling on or into concrete can cause serious injuries, including concussions or other head wounds. You can take several steps to give concrete more traction, including adding a polyurethane "grit" to the final sealer coat. This grit is difficult to spot and does not change the look of any decorative finish. As the finish wears down, more grit is exposed, ensuring that the surface retains its traction. Avoiding too much acrylic finishing is also key. While you may like the looks of a super-shiny surface, you will not like the slickness of it. 

Textured Concrete

Experts recommend adding texture to the concrete itself by not over-smoothing the surface. They advocate using a simple concrete float on the wet concrete instead a trowel. Trowels create a lovely smooth surface for those who are preparing to add a texture to the concrete, but the finished product is much slicker. Using only a float makes the surface grittier and gives it more traction.


Sports stadiums use padding to protect athletes from injuring themselves when they crash into the outfield or other concrete surfaces. Adding carpet and padding to concrete is the only way for homeowners to embrace the same principle. Concrete makes an excellent base for carpet and other flooring surfaces. 

You probably cannot get through a single day without benefiting from concrete. You walk on it at home, the workplace, and at your favorite merchants. Concrete is incredibly durable and affordable. To protect yourself from falls, invest in non-skid techniques such as using rougher textures and traction additives. You can make concrete safe for your entire family by employing a few simple methods. 

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