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Common Questions About Septic Systems Answered

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A working septic system is an essential part of any modern home that is not connected to a local sewer system. However, many new homeowners have never encountered these devices before, and this can lead to them having a weak understanding of the problems that these systems can develop. This article will answer two common questions about septic tanks so that you find it easier to anticipate what issues may arise with these systems.

Why Does Rain Cause A Septic System To Back Up?

A common problem that many homeowners encounter is that the septic system starts draining slowly and getting backed up after periods of heavy rain. This occurs because the soil becomes too saturated with water to allow the septic system to properly drain. In addition to being an inconvenient problem, this issue can also lead to water damage to your home. 

Fortunately, this is a problem that can usually be corrected by improving the drainage of the soil around the septic tank and drain field. This can be done through the addition of French drains or gutters to this part of your yard. By making it easier for rainwater to drain away from the yard, you reduce the problems associated with water draining from the septic tank. 

Does The Tank Have To Be Excavated To Diagnose Problems?

When your septic system encounters a problem, you may assume that the yard will have to be excavated to determine the cause of the problem. Luckily, this is not always the case. Depending on the symptoms and design of your system, your plumber may be able to deploy a special camera that can be used to see inside the plumbing. 

If the problem is stemming from a clogged intake or outtake line, it may even be possible to correct this problem without excavating the yard. This is done by using a special attachment for the camera that can punch through these clogs. However, these systems may not be able to punch through the clog if it is due to mineral accumulations. 

When a septic system encounters problems, it can quickly ruin your day. However, if you have only recently acquired a home with one of these systems, there is a strong chance that you do not understand what to expect. By realizing why rainwater causes septic systems to back up and that these systems do not always have to be excavated to diagnose problems, you will be in a  better position to anticipate and correct the problems that might arise with this essential component of your home. For more information, contact a company like Southern Sanitary Systems Inc.