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3 Ways To Make Your Industrial Boilers More Efficient

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Many industrial and manufacturing facilities rely on the power generated by steam boilers to operate smoothly each day. Since these boilers play such a vital role in ensuring production remains high, it's essential that you are giving your boilers the care and attention they deserve.

Making just a few simple changes could have the potential to exponentially increase the efficiency of your industrial boilers in the future.

1. Lower Stack Temperature During Idle Periods

One of the easiest ways that you can improve the efficiency of your boilers is to identify periods of time when the boilers are idling. These periods could be during the night when production ceases or on slow days when production runs are small.

Lowering the stack temperature during these slow periods can enhance the efficiency of your steam boiler system. Lowering the stack temperature helps to lower operating temperatures within the boiler to prevent overheating.

2. Add an Economizer to Each Boiler

A specialized component known as an economizer can be added to each of your industrial boilers if you are trying to enhance boiler efficiency. Economizers use the hot flue gas that would otherwise be wasted as a heat source for the water that feeds your boiler.

The addition of an economizer can significantly reduce the amount of fuel required to keep your industrial boilers running each day. Economizers can also protect your boilers against the potential damage that could be caused when cold water feeds an industrial boiler system.

3. Take Time to Tune the Burner

Air plays an important role in determining the overall efficiency of most industrial boilers. Without the right amount of air, proper combustion can't occur inside the tank.

Too little air inside the boiler prevents all of the fuel from being burned, which reduces the amount of heat generated by the boiler. Too much air inside the boiler system results in wasted heat because hot air is funneled out of the boiler's vent stack.

Tuning the burner on each boiler will help prevent air-related heat loss. Use an oxygen probe to determine the exact amount of air required for optimal fuel combustion. You can then tune your burner so that this rate of air flows into the boiler at all times.

Increasing the efficiency of your industrial boilers will help you reduce fuel costs and maximize the amount of heat generated by each boiler on a daily basis. Contact industrial steam boiler manufacturers to learn more.